Home Heating Repair & Install

Is your heating system in need of a tune-up or isn’t working as it should be? A skilled service technician can take care of your annual tune-up and service repairs. To help with this we offer three great service plans to ensure that you will receive professional preventative maintenance for your in home heating.  A tune-up which is included in all of our plans will increase your heating proficiency and allow you to save on heating and repair costs, by inspecting your system and repairing it to keep it running smoothly in the cold winter months.

Our plans have been designed to be economical and a good value to our customers. The purpose of the plan is to keep your heating and hot water systems working at peak efficiency and to keep critical parts maintained, to avoid the risk of expensive repairs take advantage of one of our service plans. Each plan offers a different level of protection and peace-of-mind.

Call Brooks Energy today for a free consultation (860) 585-1515. We’ll be glad to share our years of experience to answer your home heating questions, including upgrades, budget plans, repairs, and reliable service.